Accounting Job Recommendation Cover Letter

Mr. John Mayo,

HR Manager,

Bon Bon Accountants Limited.

12 Aspen High Street

New York New Jersey 4512.

Dear Mr. Mayo,

This is to inform you that I would like to recommend Mr. Jack Ripper in your organization for the position of a senior accountant. Jack Ripper has been an employee of my organization for two years from January, 2008 to January 2010.

I assure you that Jack has always been one of our most hard working employees. He was working in my organization as a senior accountant and has always been very disciplined in his work and obedient. He was good at multi tasking and was efficient in leading a team of junior accountants.  He never gave any scope for complaint.

I can assure you that his presence will add to the reputation of your organization and he will never give you a single chance to complaint. I am attaching his track record in our organization.

Thanking you,

Nathan Lee,


ABC Limited.